North Bend and Pierce Point

9 Nov

North_BendNorth Bend

Pierce_PointPierce Point

Even though I paint plein air often, I rarely get two paintings completed from one spot.  This day at North Bend, Oregon, was very overcast.  Initially it seemed like everything was the same color of gray.  I usually am most interested in finding the light and its effect on the color of a scene.  The top painting was focused on the light filtering through the thinner clouds.  I was thinking silver, but it ended up being a lavender-gray painting, especially when comparing it to the next painting,  Pierce Point.  It has a greater range of muted colors, but a grayed-green color theme.  This painting was started a few hours after the first when the light fell on the sandy yellow island.  The light from the tower also marks the island giving a focus to the gray scene.

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