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Petunia Chair

18 Jul


13″ x 20″

This shaded summery corner was found at Dragonfly Farm and Nursery. It was a perfect place to sit and paint. A shopper hovered, waiting until I was done to buy the lovely potted petunias in the painting.


Coalbank Slough

16 Jul


20″ x 13″   sold

This is a true plein air watercolor.  It was sold on completion to the lady who had invited our painting group to her backyard.  Her property sat high above the Coalbank Slough just where it spread out between the hills. The grasses were tall and lush, just starting to go to seed which produced a beautiful light green color.

Bullard’s Glen

15 May


18″ x 12″

Along the north jetty, trees were trimmed and gorse removed to expose this lovely spot. The sun lit up the yellow gorse blossoms on the far side of the depression and filtered through the trees to define the soft floor of this little glen.

Sand Dune Lake

14 May


18″ x 12″

Every winter this little lake forms in the sand dunes near our home. The texture of the sand and grass contrasts with the house and lake in the light morning fog.

Fox Pose

19 Mar


14″ x 11″   sold

Fox, our American Eskimo dog, often posed with her forepaws crossed in a very ladylike manner.

White Fox

17 Mar


12″ x 12″   sold

Fox posed for her portrait on the off-white carpet in the sunlight. This was originally painted in 2015 as “White Dog” and redone in 2019 to capture her a bit better and to make some minor improvements.


Auckland Rain

15 Mar


11″ x 14″

This night scene washes lights and colors together as a few people scurry about in the rain outside the Ferry Building in Auckland, New Zealand.