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Fox Pose

19 Mar


14″ x 11″

Fox, our American Eskimo dog, often posed with her forepaws crossed in a very ladylike manner.


White Fox

17 Mar


12″ x 12″

Fox posed for her portrait on the off-white carpet in the sunlight. This was originally painted in 2015 as “White Dog” and redone in 2019 to capture her a bit better and to make some minor improvements.


Auckland Rain

15 Mar


11″ x 14″

This night scene washes lights and colors together as a few people scurry about in the rain outside the Ferry Building in Auckland, New Zealand.

Fox Point

14 Mar


24.5″ x 19″

Fox, our American Eskimo dog, fit herself into the landscape at Coquille Point in Bandon, Oregon, and pointed to the people on the beach.

Barn Interior

28 Feb


11″ x 14″

The sky lighted sagging rafters made for an interesting architectural space in an old barn.

Beyond the Fence

27 Feb


13″ x 19″

The opening in the fence invites a walk into the tangled woods with the curious misty light beyond.

Pond Grass

13 Nov


11″ x 14″

At Devil’s Kitchen in Bandon, Oregon, Johnson Creek flows across the beach and out to the ocean. The tides and blowing sand from the dunes are continually rearranging this stream. The painting captures grass that has grown on the edge of a little pond area with the gently rippling stream passing by.