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Beaver Hill Ferns

21 Aug


14″ x 11″

Ferns have an elegant shape, turning almost white catching the sun. This bunch once grew under the tall pines on Beaver Hill. Since the clear cut logging, they share their space with grass and wait for the new trees to grow tall.


Muriel’s Barn

1 Aug


14″ x 11″

I am sure the farmers had many practical concerns when building their barn and house, especially being in a river valley near the ocean, but the placement of these buildings has a lovely fit with the surrounding landscape.

Horse Ride Beach

27 Dec


14″ x 11″

The line of horses and riders appear minuscule  as they walk into the scene of vast ocean, beach and sky at Fish Rock near Bandon State Park, Oregon.

Home Page for Macedonia, Iowa

31 Jul


My Macedonia Rain painting is now incorporated into the banner of Macedonia’s home page.  Check it out.

Elephant Rock

31 Jul

12″ x 9″


I have made the move from the Midwest to the Oregon Coast where they name rocks.  Elephant Rock has a huge cavern inside and tunnels on either side of the trunk through which the ocean splashes.  The painting is of low tide which allows much of the base of the rock to be seen.  It was fun to let transparent puddles of paint on the Yupo paper describe the textures of the rock.