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Mermaid Door

24 Jul


“Mermaid Door,” the top image, is a reworked watercolor of the bottom image, “Cathedral Rock Window.  My original focus was the nine foot high tide swirling around and through Cathedral Rock. It now has light as well as the sea gushing out the door and the mermaid rock is more defined.


South Jetty Splash

23 Jul


The South Jetty in Bandon, Oregon is a great place to watch the waves roll in and splash against the rocks. This watercolor is a composite of photos and memories from time spent mesmerized by the ocean’s action.

Splash Two

2 Jul


The top watercolor is a rework of the lower painting which was originally completed in 2014.  I was unhappy with the shape of the splashes and the compositional flow of the painting.  This is a good example of how Yupo paper allows watercolors to be reworked years later.  The other difference in the images is the color of the blues.  My scanner and printer have been replaced since 2014 and produce more accurate results.

Beach Wall and Beach Stairs

15 Jan

Beach_WallBeach_StairsThese two paintings are reworked from one older watercolor, Kelp Stairs, done last July.  The two smaller paintings focus on the evening light turning the color of the scenes into peach and lavender-blue.  I have been fascinated with these old stairs set in between a natural wall and cliff face.  They start to wind up the cliff and then disappear.  The wall extends to make a protected entrance way.

Velella Velella Light Shadows

20 Nov

Velella_Velella_Light_ShadowsThis is the second in my series of Velella Velella paintings.  In this one the purple “by-the-wind sailors” seem to sail directly towards the sun, casting their light shadows as they go.  For more information about Velella Velella see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velella.

Velella Velella

18 Aug


These deep blue “by-the-wind sailors” stranded in great numbers on our beaches several times this summer.  This provided several opportunities to take reference photos of these jellyfish-like creatures.  In this painting the low evening sun lights up their little sails and casts light shadows on the sand.  For more information on Velella Velella, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velella.

Lavender and Gold Sea

14 Aug



Bandon sunsets offer an unending variety of colors, shapes and textures.  The lavender and gold sunset filtered through the clouds, ocean spray and rocks to crystallize on the waves and wet sand.  This watercolor on Yupo painting was started as a demonstration painting at Second Street Gallery’s “Meet and Greet the Artist” a few weeks ago.