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Gnarly Tree

29 Nov
We pass this gnarly tree when we walk along the cliff path 
at Shore Acres State Park near Charleston, Oregon.  It 
stands facing the harsh elements from the ocean while its 
back is protected by the mossy forest.  It rests on this
sunny day in the blue glow from the sea.

Expressions West 2015 Exhibition at Coos Art Museum

23 Apr

Expressions West 2015 blogMy painting, Yellow Tree Waterfall, has been selected for the Expressions West 2015 Exhibition at the Coos Art Museum by juror Brian Hoover.  He chose 61 paintings from 44 artists residing in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon and Washington.  To see a complete list of selected artists go to http://www.coastarts.org/events/2015/06/expressions-west-2015-exhibition-at-coos-art-museum/.  The awards ceremony begins at 6:00 pm at the Coos Art Museum Friday, April 24.

Sweet Creek Light

3 Feb

Sweet_Creek_Light                                                                          sold

This is the third painting done from the Sweet Creek Waterfalls hike.  Here the filtered light seems to splash down the waterfall and spread out over the rock shelves, and into shallow and deep pools.

Yellow Tree Waterfall

26 Jan


The Sweet Creek Falls Trail near Mapleton, Oregon, provides easy walking to the creeks 11 waterfalls.  Here, a stairway climbs in the shadow of a sheer rock wall as the sun sparkles on the yellow leafed tree and the waterfall below.

Sweet Creek

9 Dec

Sweet_CreekThe Sweet Creek Falls Trail near Mapleton, Oregon, provides easy walking to the creek’s many waterfalls.  Here the summer’s depleted stream flows over the rock ledges.  The sun filters down into the narrow canyon to illuminate the water and stone.

Expressions West 2014

12 Apr

Silver_FallsSilver Falls by Patricia J Cink


COOS BAY — Juror Robert Canaga is a prominent figure in the Eugene cultural scene. The past curator of the OPUS6IX Gallery, he is currently curator of The Gallery at the Watershed. He is past president of the Oregon Mozart Players Board, vice chair for Travel Lane County and owner of Robert Canaga Galleries in Portland and Eugene.

Artists accepted into the Expressions West 2014 exhibition include Oregon artists: Lillian Almeida, Doug Anderson, David Castleberry, Katy Cauker, Patricia J. Cink, Virginia M.Z. Gourley, Aaron Hatefi, Cynthia Herron, Elaina LaBoda Jamieson, Bob Keefer, Jon Leach, Susan Lehman, Jaqueline Lukowski, Kirk Lybecker, Georgia Nehl, Susan Rudisill, Claudia Schouten, Bernard J. Sherwood, Pat Snyder and Kimberly Wurster; California artists: Frank Ansley, Halina Domanski, Rebecca Fogg, Ming Ren, Haisu Tian, Jeff Troupe, Brooke Walker-Knoblich; Washington artists: Jack Dorsey, Austin Dwyer, Steve Hu, Harold W Johnson, Jim Matthew, Susan Moore; Arizona artists: Priscilla Hanson, Patricia Redding, G. Eric Slayton, Mano Sotelo; Colorado artists: Ronnie Cramer, Dianne Maher; New Mexico artists: Katherine Irish, Annell Livingston; Idaho artist: Scott Berger; Utah artist: Lee R. Cowan; and Wyoming artist: Kevin Robinett.

Coos Art Museum has been a cultural focal point of Oregon’s scenic Southern Coast since 1966. It occupies the historic 1936 Art Deco U.S. Federal Building in downtown Coos Bay. The museum offers a wide range of arts activities including exhibitions, art classes and lectures. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 1-4 p.m. Saturday. Museum admission: $5 general, $2 students, veterans and seniors, free to museum members.

Expressions West 2014 exhibition and Transported: Paintings by Robert Canaga Opening Receptions 5-7 p.m. Friday, April 18, at Coos Art Museum. Canaga’s solo show is of mixed-media paintings combining raw pigments, oil and wax.           http://theworldlink.com/lifestyles/go/solo-exhibitor-juror-for-expressions-west/article_001eba6a-c0f3-11e3-af98-001a4bcf887a.html

Below Silver Falls

26 Mar

Below_Silver_Falls_2                                                              sold

Below_Silver_Falls_1                                                               sold

These two miniature (4.5″x6.5″) paintings, are of the base of Silver Falls at Golden and Silver Falls State Park in Oregon.  It is hard to capture the entire experience of standing at the base of a large waterfall with its noise and dampness.  So, being visually oriented, I focused on how the waterfall  affects the light and colors of the setting.