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Stone Bridge

23 Aug


11″ x 14″

This was painted plein air at Mingus Park in Coos Bay, Oregon. I have altered the stone supported culvert into a stone bridge, but kept the lovely landscaping with iris and skunk cabbage along the stream. The smoothness of the stream contrasts with all of the textures of the stone and plants.


Choshi Red Bridge

25 Jul


Choshi Red Bridge, 11″ x 14″   sold

Brushing Up

Mingus Park’s red bridge divides the lake from the Choshi oriental gardens.  It was the chosen focus of most of our plein air group when we painted there in April.  I chose to paint it from the garden side, while most of the other painters sat on the lake side.  Alysha Beck, a photographer and reporter for The World, found me here and took this gorgeous picture of the scene with me in the corner.  It took a long time to complete this one, as I wanted to live up to the early advertising.