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Fish Hatchery Forest

22 Apr


The woods at the edge of the fish hatchery lake sparkled with light that filtered through the leaves and reflected off the lake.   This was started plein air last summer and just finished for the May, 2017,  Miniature and Small Image Show at the Art by the Sea Gallery in Bandon, Oregon.

Lighthouse Trees 2

3 Jun


This is the second plein air piece done of trees near the Coquille River lighthouse at Bullard’s Beach. These old wind blown trees sit on top of a sandy hill near remnants of the old lighthouse keeper’s house. The first painting was done mid day. This was done late afternoon catching more golden light and deeper shadows.

Flowering Salal

6 Apr

Flowering_SalalThe light filters through the huge pines to be caught by the salal leaves and flowers on the forest floor.  This painting can be viewed and purchased at the Southern Coos Hospital’s show, “Flora and Fauna of the Coquille Watershed” April 9 until June 26, 2015.  The reception is April 12, 2015 from 1:00-3:00 pm at the Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center, 900 11th Street SE, Bandon, Oregon.

Sweet Creek Light

3 Feb

Sweet_Creek_Light                                                                          sold

This is the third painting done from the Sweet Creek Waterfalls hike.  Here the filtered light seems to splash down the waterfall and spread out over the rock shelves, and into shallow and deep pools.

Shore Acres

30 Jan


There were multiple high tide warnings recently due to incoming storms.  These storm tides made for some excellent photo opportunities.  Shore Acres was the perfect place to watch the ocean swells and huge waves as they crashed into the cliffs, and to think about imitating the action with watercolor on Yupo.

Yellow Tree Waterfall

26 Jan


The Sweet Creek Falls Trail near Mapleton, Oregon, provides easy walking to the creeks 11 waterfalls.  Here, a stairway climbs in the shadow of a sheer rock wall as the sun sparkles on the yellow leafed tree and the waterfall below.

Velella Velella

18 Aug


These deep blue “by-the-wind sailors” stranded in great numbers on our beaches several times this summer.  This provided several opportunities to take reference photos of these jellyfish-like creatures.  In this painting the low evening sun lights up their little sails and casts light shadows on the sand.  For more information on Velella Velella, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velella.