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Mermaid Door

24 Jul


“Mermaid Door,” the top image, is a reworked watercolor of the bottom image, “Cathedral Rock Window.  My original focus was the nine foot high tide swirling around and through Cathedral Rock. It now has light as well as the sea gushing out the door and the mermaid rock is more defined.


South Jetty Splash

23 Jul


The South Jetty in Bandon, Oregon is a great place to watch the waves roll in and splash against the rocks. This watercolor is a composite of photos and memories from time spent mesmerized by the ocean’s action.

Shore Acres

30 Jan


There were multiple high tide warnings recently due to incoming storms.  These storm tides made for some excellent photo opportunities.  Shore Acres was the perfect place to watch the ocean swells and huge waves as they crashed into the cliffs, and to think about imitating the action with watercolor on Yupo.


Storm Tide Shore Acres

30 Dec

Storm_Tide_Shore_AcresThe light breaks through to strike the ocean swells before they smash against the rocky cliffs at Shore Acres.  The high tide warnings gave us time to get to some good viewing areas to see the huge waves.  Although I captured many reference photos of the incredible splashes against the cliffs, this painting holds more drama as the huge wave is anticipated.


Lavender and Gold Sea

14 Aug



Bandon sunsets offer an unending variety of colors, shapes and textures.  The lavender and gold sunset filtered through the clouds, ocean spray and rocks to crystallize on the waves and wet sand.  This watercolor on Yupo painting was started as a demonstration painting at Second Street Gallery’s “Meet and Greet the Artist” a few weeks ago.



Green Wave

31 Jul



The long straight shoreline at Bullards Beach is usually less interesting than Bandon’s other beaches, but it is a great place to focus on the incoming waves.  The waves on this day were playing with a line of tiny creamy pink shells.  These shells seemed to reflect the light up through the wave making some lovely colors for me to paint.



28 Feb

Splash_1                                                     Splash 1

Splash_2                                                        Splash 2

There is a place on Bandon Beach that I like to go to find agates, sea glass, fossil shells  and petrified wood.  I am usually quite engrossed in my rock hunting and not easily distracted, but this day the waves were crashing on the large rocks making wonderful splashes which demanded my attention.  These two Splash paintings are the result.  The Yupo paper’s slick surface is ideal for letting the watercolors flow to capture the waves as they crash and send spray into the air and rivulets down the rocks.