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Horse Ride Beach

27 Dec


The line of horses and riders appear minuscule  as they walk into the scene of vast ocean, beach and sky at Fish Rock near Bandon State Park, Oregon.


Cape Arago

5 Dec


Part of Cape Arago’s rocky headland protrudes darkly against the silvery green ocean on this overcast day.


28 Feb

Splash_1                                                     Splash 1

Splash_2                                                        Splash 2

There is a place on Bandon Beach that I like to go to find agates, sea glass, fossil shells  and petrified wood.  I am usually quite engrossed in my rock hunting and not easily distracted, but this day the waves were crashing on the large rocks making wonderful splashes which demanded my attention.  These two Splash paintings are the result.  The Yupo paper’s slick surface is ideal for letting the watercolors flow to capture the waves as they crash and send spray into the air and rivulets down the rocks.