Coos Head Ghost Train Tunnel

15 Mar


14″ x 11″

When painting landscapes plein air, I focus on capturing the essence of a place, rather than the photographic reality of it. The finished painting reads like a real place if I have captured the perspective, color, light and shadow well. However, many decisions are made during the painting process regarding focus, composition, color interactions and the actual application of the paint. (The paint often has a mind of its own when using Yupo paper).

This painting is of an actual place where Coos bay meets the Pacific ocean. There is an old man-made tunnel opening on to the tiny beach. I was glad to be able to sit at the beginning of the jetty, high and safe, to capture the scene as my reference photos from the day are very dull.

IMG_8184Chicken point5

reference photo


Water Lilies

18 Feb


20″ x 13″  Water Lilies

This is a redo of my 2010 painting, “Linda’s Pond” which I always felt was confusing with the heavy dark side of the stock tank across the top. Now the composition is similar with the lily pads in pretty much the same place, the lights and darks in the same areas, but now the painting is much lighter and open. Yupo paper has the unique ability that allows removing watercolor long after the paint has dried. This is a dramatic example of that.


20″ x 13″  Linda’s Pond

Coastal Light Room

17 Feb


12″ x 18″

From the view at my desk, the dark furniture appears to gather around to absorb the coastal light.

Barbara’s View

6 Jan


14″ x 20″
This unique view of Old Town Bandon, the Coquille river and the ocean beyond is from a friend’s house on the steep hill above. I was struck by how the river led the eye across the rooftops and drew the focus to the Bandon Coffee Cafe, a continually active focal point of the town.

Marcia’s Second Pink Home

6 Jan


19″ x 13″

A friend loved her tiny pink home in Bandon until she found an even lovelier pink home in Coquille, Oregon. Once settled, she invited us over to paint her perfect house.

Petunia Chair

18 Jul


13″ x 20″

This shaded summery corner was found at Dragonfly Farm and Nursery. It was a perfect place to sit and paint. A shopper hovered, waiting until I was done to buy the lovely potted petunias in the painting.

Coalbank Slough

16 Jul


20″ x 13″   sold

This is a true plein air watercolor.  It was sold on completion to the lady who had invited our painting group to her backyard.  Her property sat high above the Coalbank Slough just where it spread out between the hills. The grasses were tall and lush, just starting to go to seed which produced a beautiful light green color.

Bullard’s Glen

15 May


18″ x 12″

Along the north jetty, trees were trimmed and gorse removed to expose this lovely spot. The sun lit up the yellow gorse blossoms on the far side of the depression and filtered through the trees to define the soft floor of this little glen.

Sand Dune Lake

14 May


18″ x 12″

Every winter this little lake forms in the sand dunes near our home. The texture of the sand and grass contrasts with the house and lake in the light morning fog.

Fox Pose

19 Mar


14″ x 11″   sold

Fox, our American Eskimo dog, often posed with her forepaws crossed in a very ladylike manner.